Hannah Kerr Captures Musical Excellence And Lyrical Authenticity With 'Overflow'

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Up and coming singer/songwriter and Belmont University student, Hannah Kerr will be releasing her new album, Overflow, on April 14th. The album’s title comes from Kerr’s desire for “what pours out of [her] to be the overflow of what God is pouring into [her].” She says, “It’s not about my ability or my talent, but about letting God pour truth and wisdom into me and then writing and singing songs that matter.” This earnestness comes out in her songs, which continuously point the listener to Christ in worship.

overflow“Radiate,” a pop-influenced, synth and electric guitar-driven song reflects the ways in which God radiates and breaks through the darkness in our lives. Because He turns our “hurting to the first breath of [our] worship,” and makes a “future out of [our] past[s],” we let “our [lives] radiate [God’s] life.” The rest of the album takes the truths expressed in these lyrics and puts them into action. Kerr’s album is a constant effort to reflect and radiate the life she has gained through Christ.

The first few lyrics of “Never Leave Your Side” express Kerr making a plea, not for a miracle or display of God’s power; she sings “just a whisper is enough to remind me of Your love in the moments when You feel so far away.” As the music builds into the chorus, a love-filled reply is given: “I will never leave your side or call you to a fight that I haven’t conquered. I will never lead you on to where you haven’t gone.” Musically, the song grows in strength and volume as it evolves. The musical dynamics mirror the journey of the lyrics from the plea for a whisper at the beginning of the song, to the strong, certain proclamation of truth at the end.

In “Mercy Won” Kerr’s pure voice sings of a deep desire for connection with God. In the chorus she sings, “I want to dance to the beat of Your glory. I want to sing Your redemption song where Your blood was poured out for me – where judgment lost and mercy won.” Driving electric guitars and vocal harmonies added to these honest lyrics create an energetic and powerful song of praise.

Few young artists have the ability to capture musical excellence and lyrical authenticity the way Hannah Kerr has in Overflow. This album demonstrates that her talent and maturity is well beyond her years. Her heart truly overflows with gratitude and praise in these songs, and it will be exciting to see where her passion and talent take her in the future.