Daniel Bashta's 'My Resurrection' Live Recording Captures Sense Of Community

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Award winning songwriter, Daniel Bashta just released his new album My Resurrection (Live) on March 10th. The album contains a combination of new and familiar worship songs and several songs, such as "Bellows of Praise" and "Drenched in Love" which were inspired by old hymns. Bashta gives the concepts behind the hymns new life, and the whole album exhibits a timelessness and creativity which sets it apart from other worship albums. My Resurrection features vocals from worship leaders at Bashta’s church, RiverStone Church. The sense of community he felt in recording this album played an important part in the production. He recalls, “My Resurrection (Live) is probably one of the least produced records I’ve done, but it’s the most fun record, because we’re family. What’s better than that?”

Toward the beginning of the album, “Bellows of Praise” introduces a powerful song of worship. The verses start simply and quietly and then build as the words “With one final breath, you vanquished my death and lay to rest all my transgressions” are sung into a chorus of voices declaring: “So let it be Jesus, only Jesus. All that I am and all that’s within, let it be Jesus.” The song continues building in strength and passion and then flows into the lyrics of an old hymn. As the music grows quiet, vocals grow louder singing “Hallelujah,” and Lord we love you.”

“Praise the Lord – Rejoice” is simple both lyrically and musically, and this allows for focus on the lyrics sung with conviction and belief. As the song builds, more and more voices join in singing the melody, which gives the song a rich, full sound. The bridge is the simple, but authentic declaration: “Rejoice oh my soul, oh my soul rejoice.” The joy in the song is audible through the vocals, and it invites listeners to join in the song of praise and joy.

Closing the album is the already well-known song of worship, “Seas of Crimson.” Bashta gives it a new sound with beautiful strings. The powerful lyrics of the chorus are so commanding: “Hallelujah, death is beaten. Christ is risen from the grave. Hallelujah, it is finished. All to You the highest praise.” Within the track is a time of spontaneous worship and prayer accompanied by strings, which leaves space for the listener to worship freely. This then leads into the powerful bridge: “Where there was sin, Your love rushed in. Where sin runs deep, Your grace runs deeper.”

My Resurrection (Live) introduces new songs, and brings familiar songs to life with the passion and authenticity that can only be found in a live worship album. Daniel Bashta’s talent in songwriting and production are evident in this album as a creation that invites listeners into a time of deep worship.