'The Covering' Is Random Hero's Best Album Yet

Review Rating: Must Listen! 4.7 / 5

With three albums and three EPs to speak for it, it's clear that Denver-based Random Hero just keeps getting better and better. Known for their gritty yet energetic and confident rock sounds, band members Aaron Watkins, Joshua Bertrand, Los McDonough, and Patrick Madsen pour their powerful passion for Christ into every song. Their latest release demonstrates growth in the Random Hero sound and the mission of the band. Engaging listeners with a contagious energy and a sincere message of hope and salvation, Random Hero's The Covering is the band's best work yet.

thecoveringbig"Mirror Mirror" opens the album with fast-paced guitar riffs, bold keyboard, and energetic drums. Random Hero's gritty guitar work saturates the song, harkening back to the familiar, beloved sounds from Oceans Of Change. Aaron Watkins' raw and uncontainable vocals lead the lyrics, expressing the fight against the flesh. Themes from the book of James emerge from the chorus, where the lyrics describe the word of God as a mirror. It reveals both how desperately we need God and yet how His work has cleansed us from our sins, where both truths are beautifully expressed in the song's bridge. "I'm not a monster, O God I need you now!" Layered lyrics and engaging instrumentals easily make this track a highlight on the album.

"Impossible" is a passionate and hopeful anthem of trust. Powerful guitar riffs accompany steady drum beats, escalating as the chorus kicks into gear with a rising, exciting melody. Overall, there is a confident and optimistic tone to the song that perfectly fits with its themes and lyrics. "I come alive every time You speak my name," lead singer Aaron sings of Christ's power, "You pull me through it all with every miracle, and I believe in the impossible!"

All the way through, "Running" propels listeners with its fast pace and high adrenaline. Random Hero refuses to hold back with accelerating guitar and bass, alongside ripping and raging drums that set a catchy beat. Alongside the machine-esque electronic beats, there is a hint of desperation, appropriate for a song whose chorus pleads for the presence and strength of the Savior. "I need You now, my whole world is crashing down, save me … keep me running." As one of the album's best songs, "Running" proves just how much Random Hero has stowed away in their musical arsenal.

Just to prove the band's capacity for lighter yet moving songs, further along in the album is "Satellite." The tempo slows down just a bit, allowing for dramatic keyboard notes to accompany deep guitar chords and gentle drums. Its lyrics describe the watchful presence of God, expressing the peace and confidence He brings even in the darkest of times. The song flows well, captivates listeners, and only adds to the strengths of the album.

Multiple threads run throughout The Covering, only proving how far the band has come since its first days. The melodies and instrumentals are deeper and richer and the lyrics have a stronger impact and show growth both as believers and as a band. Even still, Random Hero stays true to its roots - gritty guitar, energetic anthems, and an undeniable passion for the Savior. For longtime fans of the band and the genre or  listeners looking for something new, Random Hero's The Covering will not disappoint.