Jaci Velasquez Shows Authenticity In New Album 'Trust'

Review Rating: Must Listen (4/5)

It has been five years since award-winning, bilingual, multi-Platinum selling recording artist and actress Jaci Velasquez released a full-length album, and her highly anticipated new record, Trust, will be available on March 31. The concept for the album stems from a song Velasquez co-wrote with Aruna Abrams, James Slater, and Bobby Hamrick entitled “Trust You.” She feels that trust is especially central to her role as a wife and mother of her youngest son who has autism, and in her relationship with Christ. Trust is Velasquez’s first worship album, and she has worked together with several well-known songwriters including David Leanard of All Sons and Daughters, Martin Smith, and Michael Farren.

trustThe first song on the album, “Trust You,” introduces the theme of trust which flows throughout the album. It begins with simple synth and electric drums which erupt into a full chorus as Jaci sings, “When I am drowning, You Walk on Water.” The verses bring the dynamics down again, emphasizing the message of the lyrics: “You painted the stars, and colored me in / And you are the music that I wanna sing / When I need truth I come to you ‘cause I trust You.” The song perfectly reflects the feel Jaci hopes to convey throughout the album, both lyrically and musically.

“God Who Moves The Mountains” begins with poetic lyrics about the unending strength and power of God. Jaci sings, “He is not confined, He confounds / He will not resign, He resounds / He is not restrained, oh hear the sound.” The bridge, driven by piano and electric guitar, reminds us with the lyrics, “You say trust and then you prove / You’re the God who moves the mountains,” that when we are asked to put our trust in God, we are putting our trust in the one who is not bound by walls, mountains, or anything else.

“Rest” speaks about the peace we experience when we choose to put our trust in God. Jaci sings the prayerful lyrics, “Slow me down enough to hear your voice… quiet all the lies that blind me from the truth.” The song seems to blend genres with reggae-like electric guitar and drum beat and a church organ, which gives it an interesting and catchy feel. Lyrically, the theme ultimately comes back to trust as Jaci sings, “Lord I will rest in you / trusting in all you do.”

Jaci Valesquez’s heart and passion can be felt in every song. In many ways, both the music and lyrics push the bounds of what is typically expected in the worship genre. There is a distinct authenticity and attention to detail present in every song, and the message of the peace found in trusting God is proclaimed loud and clear.