Passion's 'Worthy Of Your Name' Brings Live Music To Listeners

Review Rating: Catch It On The Radio (3.5 / 5)

Recorded at the Passion 2017 Conference in Atlanta's Georgia Dome, Worthy Of Your Name is the nineteenth live album and twenty-fifth collection from various Passion artists. Drawing together thousands from across the States, Passion seeks to create an evening of worship and ministry that lasts far beyond one night. Their albums are an extension of the evening, allowing people to experience the moments of worship all again. However, like many a live worship album, the songs of Worthy Of Your Name blend too easily with the vast collection of praise and worship music. There are a few tracks from various guest artists that stand out and will delight listeners, but otherwise, the impact of Worthy Of Your Name is not quite as powerful the second time around.

worthyofyournameIn many ways, the highlights of Worthy Of Your Name feels like a worship music sampler or an EP, the bonus features one would expect at the end of a CD. Otherwise, the tracks seem to blend together in melody and content. "Glorious Day" is a very underwhelming start and runs right into "Worthy Of Your Name" without a moment to absorb the moment. In addition, the song runtimes are far too long, losing listeners and struggling to maintain focus. "Heart Abandoned" feels far too repetitive and shallow, so much so that the transition to "Forgiven" brings listeners back into the music.

The live version of Crowder's "Forgiven" is a treat for fans of the artist and the song, easily a highlight in the collection. It's a raw and honest cry of surrender, with well-written and piercing lyrics that resonate and stick with listeners even after the track finishes. What separates it from the studio version is the live audience singing along, further hinting at the impact.

Chris Tomlin's "God Of Cavalry" is beautifully portrayed in the live setting and allows the song full expression. It tells the story of Christ's death and resurrection while pausing to reflect on the meaning behind His sacrifice, with soaring instrumentals and melodies. As a fantastic closing track to the album, the live audience magnifies the impact even further.

Passion tries to specialize its albums by taking advantage of the live worship experience. There are few things as moving as an entire room of people praising the name of Jesus Christ, but the same effect just does not quite come through in this recording. As such, quite frankly, Worthy Of Your Name may be lost in a sea of equally noteworthy yet far too similar worship albums. It's got everything listeners have come to expect from the genre - gentle sounds, simple lyrics, and a live audience singing along - but nothing that captivates listeners and leaves them with something mesmerizing. There are moments that stand out, most certainly, but at the end of it all, listeners can't help but wonder why the experience just sounds so familiar.