Colony House's 'Only The Lonely' Well Worth The Wait

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Colony House’s long-awaited second full-length album, Only the Lonely, is finally here, and it is well worth the wait. The Nashville based alternative rock band has worked tirelessly on the songs, and describes the album as “a journey through the last couple of years of playing shows, writing, and making sense of living life on the road and at home.” Only the Lonely brings back the great rock sound present in Colony House’s previous album, while also creating fresh and exciting new sounds that make this album an immediate favorite.

onlythelonely“Cannot Do This Alone” begins the album with an energetic, anthem-like, honest cry for companionship. The chorus is a repeated declaration that “I cannot do this alone,” accompanied by a chorus of oh’s and driving electric guitar. The song is a beautiful reminder not to believe the “crooked truth” that we can, or have to, get through this life alone.

“You and I,” the first single released a few months ago, addresses the struggle to put love before the differences that separate us. The song incorporates overlapping electric guitar riffs, impressive drums, and changes in tempo, keeping it moving and interesting throughout. A music video for the song was also released which shows brothers Caleb (lead vocals) and Will (drums) in some playful sibling rivalry as they sing, “maybe the world isn’t crazy – maybe it’s you and I.”

I first heard “This Beautiful Life” about a year ago when Colony House played it live at a show in California. The first line, “What in the world are we doing here?” stuck with me, and I had been hoping to hear it again ever since. It stands out from the other songs on the album with its more mellow feel. It is a beautiful, contemplative song lyrically, and the acoustic guitar, piano, and vocal harmonies accentuate the thoughtful lyrics.

Only the Lonely walks listeners through many of the struggles the band has faced, but each song is also relatable to any listener. The lyrical, vocal, and musical talent of the band make this album an exciting start to the new year.