'Sensation' Showcases Devin Shelton's Musical And Lyrical Creativity

My Rating: 4.0 / 5

Bassist and backup vocalist for Emery, Devin Shelton released his second solo project, Sensation, on January 6th. It is an album Devin has wanted to write “for 10 years and it finally happen[ed].” I found it difficult to pin the album down to any one genre, because there are so many influences from R&B and jazz, to alternative or rock. Each song is unique in style and, as a whole, the album shows impressive musicianship and skill.

The album opens with the title track, “Sensation.” A jazzy organ leads into the base line and electric guitar which create a great groove. This, paired with the melody, produces an extremely catchy song, that you will want to sing along to during the first listen.

“Buried Alive” has a more alternative or indie-pop feel generated by edgy electric guitar and changes in tempo. The message of the song centers on the idea that we’ve become “buried alive” in our own doubts, “crushed by the weight of the mess that [we’ve] made from [our] fear.” However, it also presents the hope that these doubts and fears can be overcome.

Genres collide once again in “You’ve Got a Way.” Acoustic guitar gives the song a stripped-down feel, but it is soon accompanied by electric guitar and organ. Essentially a love song, the lyrics describe the things that set the one being addressed apart. Like many of the songs preceding it, the rhythm and melody will have you moving and singing along quickly. After the song ends, a new song begins on the same track. It is a sweet and reminiscent story of the ups and downs in life. This bonus song is the most mellow on the album with a stripped down, acoustic feel. It is easy to miss, because of its placement in the track, but it was definitely one of my favorites.

Sensation showcases Devin Shelton’s creativity both musically and lyrically in the details in each song. His passion and effort are obvious in the final product. Each note and lyric carries evidence of thought and precision, making the album a truly enjoyable listen.