Ginny Owens' Music And Lyrics Are A Shout Of Hope Into The Darkness

Review Rating: 4.5/5

Ginny Owens’ ninth studio album, Love Be The Loudest, released Friday, November 18. Owens hopes this album can speak of love in “a world that doesn’t make sense.” She wants these songs to “inspire listeners to walk with the hope and courage given us by God.” Featuring artists All Sons and Daughters, Andrew Greer, Meredith Andrews, Mike Weaver, and Ellie Holcomb, these beautiful voices and the inspiring and uplifting lyrics on every song offer hope and a call to love one another in our broken world.

“God Is Love” beautifully articulates the unity we can find in the love of God, and these words are so pertinent to the state of our current world. The song is almost entirely a cappella. All Sons and Daughters join Owens in creating beautiful harmonies as they sing, “Oh come let us unite and sing. God is love.” As the sound of strings slowly grows in the background, the beautiful truth that “in Christ we are made whole again,” is proclaimed.

“Fearless” begins with electric guitar and synth which make it one of the more upbeat songs on the album as the song progresses. As the verses lead into an energetic chorus, the lyrics name the ways God’s power overcomes our fear: “if my lips are too afraid to speak, if my lungs find it hard to breathe, start a fire deep inside of me. Make me brave cause you are all I need." It’s God’s love in us that gives us the courage to be love and light to the world.

“The Way God Sees” features Mike Weaver who joins Owens in the second verse and chorus, creating powerful harmonies. The lyrics express the difference between our flawed views of ourselves and others, and how God sees us. So although we sometimes feel unlovable, “who are we to disagree when God says he loves you and me.” When we accept this love we can “see the way God sees.”

The timing of Love Be The Loudest could not be more relevant to our world in this time. Every song reminds listeners of the love God has for us, and points us all to take action to show this love to others. Owens’ music and lyrics are a shout of hope into the darkness.