About A Mile Releases Bold Sophomore Album "Trust You All The Way"

Review Rating: 4.7 / 5

Pennsylvania-based, three-brother band About A Mile rides the line between rock and electronic, making a sound as catchy as pop while writing sincere and personal lyrics. Following the success of their self-titled album, Adam, Levi, and Luke Klutinoty have returned with their sophomore release. Packed with themes of trust, perseverance, and the goodness of the Savior, the album is a fantastic follow-up. Trust You All The Way fuels listeners with upbeat rock and energetic electronics and leaves them with inspiring and uplifting lyrics.

The album opens with the bold and dramatic "Taking Back." With a soft piano intro and modulated vocals, the beginning lyrics set the stage: though the world is cruel and Satan is a thief and a liar, we need not cower in fear. With a buildup preceding each chorus, lead vocalist Adam Klutinoty launches into a battle cry again the enemy. Accompanied by electric guitar and accelerating drums, he sings "You can knock me down, I'm gonna get back up every single time, tonight is the night I'm taking back!" There's a momentum to the song, with a noticeable soft rock edge in the guitar chords and drums.

The title track "Trust You All The Way" brings the instrumental focus to pop electronics and a steady clicking beat, with electric guitar and soft drums taking over across the choruses and bridge. The song flows with a fairly constant energy, picking up the volume and pace in synchronization with the lyrics. The sincerity and honesty behind the words is easily the song's greatest strength, expressing a resolve to trust God both in good times and bad. Its strongest lyrics are in the bridge, where Adam sings, "When the phone call comes … when I feel like giving up … when the door slams closed … when the money runs low, I'll trust in You." Appropriately the crux of the album, "Trust You All The Way" catches attention and inspires with its bold words.

"Born To Live" launches into a fast-paced electronic dance party. Synths and beats collide with fast paced drums, generating an uncontainable energy - listeners are pretty much guaranteed to dance and sing with this track. Its lyrics express a desire for true living - no more robotically walking through each day as if Christ's sacrifice doesn't mean much. There is an undeniable passion to live for Christ and to understand the freedom He has given us. The verses are delivered with fast-paced rap and the chorus sung passionately, giving the song an appealing variety both within its runtime and the course of the album.

"All I Need" closes the album on an acoustic note. Raw guitar strings dominate the track, simple but adding to the album's variety and showcasing more of About A Mile's instrumental arsenal. With the electronics and electric guitar aside, listeners enjoy Adam's vocals as the emphasis. Complementing the basic nature of the song, the lyrics are a simple truth - "All I need is Jesus, His love is enough … you can have everything this world can offer me, because all I need is Jesus." Wrapping together themes of redemption, trust, and living, the song is a perfect way to end the album.

For a sophomore album, Trust You All The Way is bold and shows a promising future for the band. Their sound identity clearly shows with an appealing mix of electronics and rock instruments. Adam's vocals are amazing, whether packed with intensity as in "Taking Back" or soulfully raw as in "All I Need." The band knows the value of variety as no two songs sound quite alike. Though this reviewer would like to see a little more intensity across the album, perhaps with more of the aggressive energy of "Taking Back," About A Mile is right where it needs to be for a second release. Taken all together, Trust You All The Way is well worth listening and hints at an exciting future for the band and audiences alike.