Satellites & Sirens Release Unique 'TANKS'

My Rating: 4 / 5

GMA Dove Award nominated pop group, Satellites & Sirens has released their fourth full length studio album, TANKS. Stylistically, this album differs from the 2011 release of Frequency and even the 2014 release of One Noise. This album is packed full of synth beats which can be somewhat repetitive in nature, but even still this album covers a territory that is not extremely common, specifically in the Christian music industry. Lead singer Geoff Hunker explains it perfectly, “This record is different but familiar, it’s fun but challenging, it’s roll the windows down and cruise and close the door and think.” Each song is positive and covers a different theme.

tanks“Hey! (This is the Life)” opens up Satellites & Sirens’ new album and gives a preview of what the album holds musically. Complete with the pop, dance beat, this song does in fact show what is to come for the eleven other songs on the album. Specifically key to this song is the groove and the line, “This is the life,” as well as the steady guitar riff throughout the chorus and bridge.

The next song on the album is “Who We Are.” This song has a strong pop beat and main melody with an underlying synth beat in the background throughout the whole song. My favorite part of this song is the lyrics, especially, “Love is who we are, we shine like stars, covering the sky. Love, we’ve come so far, the world is ours, yeah we own the night.” This song is completely anthemic and is sure to be one of your favorites

“Old Souls” featuring Ronnie Petkrovich starts off with a steady synth beat, leading into the first verse and an electric drum mix in the background. As the pre-chorus builds musically, so do the lyrics. The typical to pop dance music, yet invigorating beat drop to start off the chorus gets listeners excited. This song is unlike the others primarily because of the differences musically and lyrically. For this song, the chorus thrives on the synth beat and drum mix, rather than most songs that thrive lyrics driving the chorus.

“Living the Dream” is a short, but sweet song, where guitars and drums shine and are the primary instruments used, rather than most of the other songs. My favorite part of this song is the story being told by Satellites & Sirens about them living the dream. Still, stylistically, this song adds a lot to the band’s - and the album’s - uniqueness.

Satellites & Siren’s TANKS is all-around unique, which definitely makes it a great addition to the Christian music industry’s currents vibes. Satellites & Sirens is bringing something new to the table, something that isn’t typically done, or have been achieved in the CCM world. This band is definitely one to keep your eyes - and ears - on.