TCB Premiere: Arrow & Ember's "How Great Thou Art" Music Video

Make Me Your Own is the third release from the New Jersey based husband-wife duo (Ben and Marla), Arrow & Ember. A&E combines beautiful harmony, honest words, and an intimate acoustic style. The duo pushed themselves outside of the typical folk genre with this release, incorporating elements from the pop and indie-rock styles. Their tendency toward moody minor-chord arrangements punctuated by soaring vocals can be heard on the title track - a modern hymn expressing the spiritual truths of Psalm 23 and the parable of the prodigal. Also on this release, two classic hymns - "How Great Thou Art" and "Near The Cross" - show the duo's affection for the musical history of the church.

Watch the video for "How Great Thou Art" below, a TCB premiere.

On the significance of music in their lives, Ben comments: 

"Music has always been a buoy for us in the middle of life's occasional turbulence. Music has a way of lifting us up, dusting us off, and setting us back down with a clear head and heart, ready to move forward. It draws us together even when we're upset or don't want to talk things through. A melody, a lyric, a rhythm is sometimes all it takes to connect us. We've been playing and singing together for so long, there are many of connections we've made over and over again."

Some years ago, the challenge of facing two concurrent events - financial difficulty due to a career crossroads and a crisis of relapse - ushered into their lives a whirlwind of shame, loneliness, doubt, fear, and uncertainty. But God showed up in the darkness and displayed, through sometimes unlikely means, that nothing can separate us from His love. Seeing God follow them into their experiences of loss and betrayal has left an indelible mark on their souls. Though the pain of those events and the subsequent fallout linger, Ben and Marla testify that God's joy and healing are real.

"Make Me Your Own is a monument to God's faithful pursuit. We offer these songs to you in hope that you can experience God's joy and healing as well. Because God chases us with His goodness, we hope."

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