Plumb "Crazy About You" Music Video

Plumb is releasing the official music video for a bold new radio single and edit for the fan-favorite "Crazy About You," through a partnership with Centricity Records. The song is the second single off the newly released Beautifully Broken album.

The single is a collaboration with Plumb and acclaimed Grammy-winning producer Dave Audé, Audé holds the distinct honor of accumulating more #1 records than any other producer on the Billboard Dance Chart. The "Crazy About You" single was written by Plumb and Eric Marshall, frontman of The Last Royals and Young Oceans. 

The song shares the empowering message of the unconditional love of God. When asked about the song, Plumb explains, “'Crazy About You' is both a love song and a song of hope…for anyone that’s been to the bottom and wondered if there’s anything or anyone left to live for.” 

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