Dan Bremnes "Up Again" Music Video

Word Entertainment award-winning singer and songwriter Dan Bremnes is kicking off 2018 with new music. This week, Bremnes released the music video for his new song "Up Again." You can see the video below and download "Up Again" on iTunes now. 

In a TCB Exclusive, Bremnes shared the meaning behind this new song. "I lost my mom a few years ago in a car accident. And I remember sitting in the writing room and just started writing a letter of what I would tell my mom...And in the song, there is a callback of what she would probably say to me: 'Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. You can get up again.' And so for me, it was an emotional day writing that song. And it’s also encouraging because no matter how many times you fall, you can get up again. If you’re alive today with breath in your lungs, there’s hope and a different story than the current one you have."

Bremnes is currently on the Winter Jam Spectacular. With the opportunity to share new songs with an arena-capacity audience, Bremnes is performing a stunning solo set Ed Sheeran-style with loop pedals and samplers.

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