Seth & Nirva "We Won't Back Down" Acoustic Performance

Critically-acclaimed husband/wife duo Seth & Nirva have released an acoustic performance of their latest song "We Won't Back Down." A powerful anthem of hope originally recorded on the duo’s 2016 Integrity Music debut, Never Alone, the song calls “a generation unashamed” to stand firm for Christ in the face of religious, political and social challenges.

“We want to kick off 2018 by encouraging people to be alert to what God is doing—to be strong and courageous; to know that God is on the move and that we have a part to play in His grand story," shares Seth Ready. "The essence of this song is that we would stand firm on biblical principles, no matter what is going on in our surrounding culture, and that we would do so in a way that is loving and compassionate towards those who disagree with us.”

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