Rend Collective: "Joy Of The Lord" (Live At The Orchard) Video

Rend Collective has released a brand new live video! Worship Together recently premiered this performance of "Joy Of The Lord" from Live At The Orchard. "Last fall we did something we've never done before. We were tired and coming to the end of a long year full of busyness and weariness...By end of last year we were spent. But we knew we needed to worship. So we invited a few of our close friends, they invited a few of their close friends, and we gathered to sing God's praises in a barn on an orchard," the band explains.

"What happened there, the voices that were raised, the healing that took place was beautiful and full of the tangible gospel. We proclaimed God's goodness and sovereignty over our lives, over each other's lives, over the rest of the year. Together we were the family of God," Rend Collective ads.

In a bonus behind the music video, Ali and Gareth  talk about a difficult time in their marriage due to a miscarriage and how the song "Joy Of The Lord" came about.

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