Landry Cantrell Drops New Single "Temporary"

Landry Cantrell is gearing up to release the follow up to his wildly successful debut album, Projections next year. He's been busy writing a multitude of songs and has been in the studio non-stop. As part of that album, Landry started the year releasing a new music video and track titled, "Beyond." Now, Landry is following that up with a new ballad titled, "Temporary" that features Kristen Hicks. The track can be streamed or downloaded here and can be heard below. Stay tuned for more details on his upcoming release. Landry shares the making of "Temporary" and what the song means to him.

"I was praying on my way to a session in LA and I felt like God placed this idea for a song on my heart," says Landry Cantrell. "I began to piece together the lyrics for the first verse and chorus there in the car. When I got to the session I shared the idea with the producer but he dismissed it instantly. I was discouraged by that because I felt like God had placed this idea on my heart and I was passionate about sharing it. Looking back on the situation I realize how God was orchestrating everything and protecting the song he gave me. Every song I wrote in those sessions fell prey to the business side of the industry and will never be heard. Had I finished this song when I wanted to that day, I probably wouldn't be sharing it with you all now. God works everything out in His perfect timing and I am so happy this message is finally getting heard. I wrote this song for anyone fighting insecurity, depression, or anxiety. As humans we are constantly searching for something to validate us. There are a lot things out there that can provide a temporary fix to that problem, but there is only one that is eternal and that is Jesus."

Check out the song below:

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