Brad Alden & Danielle Mowry Introduce New Songs At Nashville Listening Party

L.A.-based worship artist Brad Alden introduced listeners to new music at an exclusive listening party at Nashville's The Well Coffeehouse on October 14th. Alden took to the stage alongside his wife, singer Danielle Mowry and a talented band. Their extensive setlist featured a unique cover of "Glorious Day" in addition to several original songs, including the three tracks from Brad's recently released New Soul EP (Bridge Music). Known for presenting Gospel truths in original ways, the band had on clear display their passion for spreading the Word to new audiences. You can preview Brad and Danielle's original music with performances of their latest single "Good Day" as well as the 2018 hit song "Lord Of All." Click HERE for our sit down interview with Brad and Danielle where we learn about their heart for Christ and hopes for new music.

BONUS: "Glorious Day" cover

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