Cameron Arnett Stars As ‘Thomas Hill’ In Kendrick Brothers’ 'Overcomer'

You’ll soon be seeing actor Cameron Arnett on the big screen again! The actor, who most recently appeared in The Challenger Disaster (2019), is currently starring in the highly-anticipated faith-based film Overcomer, which hits theaters nationwide August 23, 2019.

Overcomer is the next powerful film from Alex, Stephen & Shannon Kendrick, the creators behind the intensely impactful 2008 film Fireproof; they’re also the trio behind the unexpected 2015 break out film War Room, which snatched the #1 spot at the box office, sending shockwaves throughout Hollywood.

In Overcomer, Arnett plays Thomas Hill, a hugely complex character. To date, Sony / AFFIRM Films and the Kendrick Brothers have been fairly hush-hush about Arnett’s Thomas Hill character. They have recently released this clip featuring Arnett and Alex Kendrick who plays Coach John Harrison:

Arnett shares the screen with a stellar cast, including Alex Kendrick, Priscilla Shirer, Shari Rigby and newcomer Aryn Wright-Thompson.

The Kendrick Brothers’ films have wowed audiences worldwide since the early 2000s and Overcomer, the Kendrick Brothers’ sixth film, is expected to do the same when it opens nationwide on August 23, 2019.

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