Francesca Battistelli Cancels Kentucky Concert Due To Pregnancy Related Health Reasons

GRAMMY Award-winning artist Francesca Battistelli regrettably had to cancel her scheduled performance at next week's Summer Motion Festival in Kentucky due to health reasons regarding her newly announced pregnancy. Battistelli publicly announced that she is expecting at the K-LOVE Fan Awards Songwriters Showcase last month.

"This sweet, little baby #5 is really giving me a run for my money," Battistelli said in a statement. "Unfortunately, I’ve found myself not able to perform at the level (and length) I’d like, and I’m so sad to miss next week!"

She added, "In twelve years I can’t think of more than a handful of instances where I couldn’t play a show! ... If you see me sometime in the next few months, I hope you sing loudly and help me out even more than normal!"

Please join us in congratulating Francesca and praying for her health and the health of all our expecting mothers.

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