Cade Thompson Releases New Single "Voices"

18-year-old singer/songwriter Cade Thompson recently released his new single “Voices”.


Cade wrote the song with Platinum-selling recording artist and songwriter Matthew West, AJ Pruis, and Matt Armstrong. Their focus was to have a song that was real, raw and youthful. A song that could speak directly to the next generation. Together they came up with the hook “I got all these voices but YOUR voice is the only one I wanna hear.”

Along with the Christ focused message, Cade is expanding his style with this latest single. Lyrically and musically “Voices” has a super fresh feel that is a reflection of Cade growing as an artist and having fun with his music.

“This song really came when I was saying ‘man it’s so easy for me to get distracted from all of these ‘things’ that try to speak into my life but at the end of the day the only voice that matters is the voice of truth,’” said Cade.

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