Seventh Day Slumber Returns To The Road With New Bus After Serious Accident

VSR Music Group recording artist Seventh Day Slumber, one of Christian rock’s leading bands for nearly two decades, will soon be on the road with a new bus, after their prior tour transportation was totaled in a serious accident.

News of the accident broke on March 3rd when the band posted photos of their totaled tour bus along the a caption that read, "Please keep us in your prayers. We are all ok, just banged up. A few are still at the hospital being looked at. Also, please say some prayers for the firefighters. Those guys were so nice and this was pretty traumatic for them as well!"

Joseph Rojas went live on Facebook on several occassions this last week with the details on the accident and updates on the recovery process. While most of the band members were asleep, their tour bus accidentlly ran into a parked fire truck that was on the highway blocking traffic because of a nearby fire. Their driver was initially pinned in the wreckage but remained coherent and was taken to a nearby hospital.

In the latest update, Seventh Day Slumber was pleased to announce that Farmers Insurance has covered the entire value of the totaled 1994 model bus. This coming Monday, the band is set to get back on the road with their new 1998 model bus which they have named ROSE. Throughout the experience, the band expressed gratitude to fans for their support and to the men and women who serve as first responders.

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