Annie Moses Band Announces Gov. Mike Huckabee As Gala Host

Nashville-based award-winning, Juilliard-educated Annie Moses Band, known for its impeccable artistry and genre-defying music, announces today that special guest Governor Mike Huckabee will host the “Grit and Grandeur” Grand Gala July 20 during this year’s 2019 Annie Moses Summer Music Festival. Now in its 16th year, this highly-anticipated annual event, which culminates with the Grand Gala, will be held July 14 – 20 at The Factory at Franklin, conveniently located just south of Music City in the historic city of Franklin, TN.

anniemosesbandhuckabee“The theme of this year’s Grand Gala is ‘Grit and Grandeur: The Music That Made America,’” says Benjamin Wolaver, Annie Moses Band Cellist and Director of Development, Annie Moses Foundation. “It’s a colorful and inspiring portrait of moments and melodies that made our nation great from the Civil War to the Greatest Generation. Strings, choirs, brass, woodwinds, percussion and musical theater come together to make one cinematic show.”

Drawing participants from all over the country and worldwide, the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival began alongside the Annie Moses Band and was founded by its members who write, direct and arrange the performances for the 150+ young performers who will gather to put on five original shows over six days. Open to the public as ticketed events, the shows are genre-specific and include Americana, Jazz, Classical, Broadway and Pop. Every student is cast in at least two of these shows, each arranged by nationally recognized composers/ arrangers, and given customized parts for their featured moments. The final show, the Grand Gala, brings all of the students together in one epic performance hosted this year by best-selling author, acclaimed television host and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

“It is truly an honor to announce our special guest and Master of Ceremonies for the Grand Gala, Gov. Mike Huckabee!” exclaims Annie Dupre, founder, lead vocalist and violinist of Annie Moses Band. “Gov. Huckabee has always been such a strong supporter of excellence in the arts. He knows the importance of leaving a legacy to future generations. We value our shared love of family, this country, deep faith in God and a passion for the world of the arts. Our hope for the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival and the Annie Moses Foundation is to nurture excellence and Christian faith in a new generation of young artists, one family at a time.”

“After decades of working to put music in the hearts and hands of every school student, it’s an absolute joy to be part of the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival in July,” adds Gov. Huckabee. “The Annie Moses Band embodies what I cherish about music—it’s uplifting and unifying. Their family-based talents are stunning, and their exuberance on and off stage is a delight to behold. I’m honored and thrilled to be Gala Host for their closing festival event in July. Some of the finest young musicians in America will be part of this celebration of the power of music and the arts.”

Since its beginning nearly 16 years ago, the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival has become the centerpiece for the band’s vision for the arts and the mission of the Annie Moses Band’s music education 501C3 non-profit – the Annie Moses Foundation. Offering exceptional instruction, as well as live performance opportunities, the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is a performing arts intensive for young musicians designed to give students life-changing experiences on professional stages.

Through events at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival and the Conservatory of Annie Moses program, Annie Moses Band is able to deeply invest in the lives of their students, realizing its vision of raising up a new generation committed to godly excellence in the world of the arts.

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