New HGHTS Single "Somebody (feat. Kristen Hicks)"

Following up his debut with "Wait," HGHTS is proud to release his second single, "Somebody" featuring Kristen Hicks. Featuring Kristen Hicks, who also appears with Landry Cantrell on Platon Emil and Stefan Nixdorf's "Mirage", is a song is a sonic pop delight. An overall fun and entertaining track, HGHTS' fans will be pleased with this electronic pop tune.

Check out "Somebody (feat. Kristen Hicks)":

Also, check out "Wait (feat. Sajan Nauriyal)":

Born into a family of musicians, homeschooled, and growing up all over the U.S., HGHTS quickly learned the importance of expressing emotions through music. As an award winning classical pianist, he began composing at the age of 10 and fell in love with combining classical and jazz progressions with electonic production and pop melodies. Currently, HGHTS serves in the U.S Navy while at the same time running a small record label with his business partner. He is most well known for his remixes of tunes by popular Christian artists. Writing every day, he plans on relocating to Los Angeles in 2019 to pursue his career as a songwriter, artist and producer.

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