Matthew Parker Debuts "Alice" Music Video

Matthew Parker has unveiled the new music video for his track "Alice."

“Back in October, Tristan Peace, my brother Luke and I drove around the Smoky Mountains while hauling a desk and a whole bunch of other stuff in the car just to make this music video. We filmed at 4 locations and put in a lot of work but had a great time. I also could hardly walk because of my not-quite-healed broken leg, but that just made it more of an interesting memory. Hope you enjoy "Alice" music video!” - Matthew Parker

Daydreamer track listing: 

1. Alice
2. Good Memories
3. All I'm After
4. Breathe
5. Paradise (feat. Holly Starr)
6. Blu Diamonds
7. Let Ṳ Go
8. Braver
9. Every Other Day (feat. Austin Lanier)
10. Lately
11. Find Ṳ
12. Legends
13. Bittersweet
14. Lucid (feat Landry Cantrell)
15. I Miss Ṳ
16. Time Stands Still

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