Air1 Radio Transitions To Worship Now

air1radioAir1 Radio marked a new beginning in 2019 with a transition to a worship only station. The K-LOVE sister station has provided a "positive alternative" to listeners for over 20 years with a library that traditionally included Christian pop, rock and hip-hop. Air1 Worship Now is celebrating the re-branding with 10,000 worship songs in a row, commercial-free, throughout most of January.

“During the past year, we’ve talked to the most important people we know, our listeners. We asked them what aspects of the station resonate with them and what was missing,” said Randy Chase, VP of Radio at Air1. “The result is a high-concept station where every hour of music is custom mixed, with an emphasis on worship.”

“The new Air1 has a one-of-a-kind design,” added Mandy Young, Program Director. “While supporting multiple Contemporary Christian Music styles, we heard what our listeners want. We deliver music variety with a focus on contemporary worship.”

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