Switchfoot's Jerome Fontamillas Undergoes Surgery To Remove Cancer

Switchfoot's Jerome Fontamillas is recovering from surgery to remove a recently discovered cancer on one of his kidneys. The band's frontman, Jon Foreman, announced the sobering news before Christmas and asked for prayers for Jerome and his family. 

Providing a recent update on social media, the band shared that the tumor had been successfully removed. "The surgeon said that it had not attached or spread to anything else in his body which is great news! It was the best outcome they could’ve hoped for. We will know more in about a week. Jerome hasn’t been in a lot of pain and is resting now. Some of his first words ... 'I made it.' Yes indeed. We love you, Jerome!"

At the time of the cancer announcement, Fontamillas shared this message with Switchfoot fans: “I wanted to tell this community firsthand what is going on. It’s hard to think about being on the sidelines while we release this album. But the songs have meant so much to me, even through this experience. We’ve been through so much as a band. This is just one more mountain to climb, one more storm to weather. I know we’ll get to the other side. And I look forward to having more reasons to be thankful when all of this is behind us. We will give you an update when we have news to tell you. Thanks again for years of love and support. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, we look forward to telling you some good news in the near future."

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