Teressa Mahoney Releases New Single

Teressa Mahoney’s new song, “Save Me O God (Psalm 69)” is available everywhere today. This is the first single from her upcoming EP, “Beyond,” scheduled for February release. Her music has been compared to Third Day’s epic worship anthems, with the gentle insight of artists like Andrew Peterson and Audrey Assad. This EP is the follow up to her 2017 EP, “Made New."

This song is based on Psalm 69. Teressa comments, “What I like about this Psalm is that David doesn’t do the cheery but empty self-talk we often hear. He just basically says, ’Things are bad, send help.’ He believes that God cares for him and will actually send help. I think the first step in healing is often just acknowledging the pain and not trying to belittle it or trying to con yourself into thinking things are actually ok. The kind of faith that trusts God enough to move forward through the hurt is the true faith that I want to have.”

Teressa’s music has been getting plenty of local airplay. Last week, she came in at the number 2 spot on the Peak Sounds Music Countdown at Tri-Lakes Radio in Monument, Colorado. She has also been featured on the “Believe to See” podcast as well as the “Speaking with Joy” podcast.

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