New Canyon Hills Worship Single "Peace"

Canyon Hills Worship exists to glorify God and encourage his church. The group is made up of worship leaders and songwriters from Canyon Hills Community Church in Seattle Washington. Their heart is to write music that inspires worshippers in the local church and stirs people’s attention and affection towards Jesus. Their new single "Peace" is available on iTunes and is streaming below.

Peace. It is something you either have or you don’t. The whole world is searching for it, and deep down, everyone knows whether or not they truly have it. We wrote this song as a celebration of the peace that can only be found in Christ. In Jesus, we find a peace that makes no sense to the world, we find a peace that surpasses all comprehension and stands regardless of circumstance. Our prayer for this song is that it would call followers of Jesus to remember what is theirs in Christ. Overwhelming peace.

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