Verses Releases First Single Of 2018 "Letting Go"

If you haven't heard of the Australia Electronic Trio ‘Verses’ it’s only a matter of time. These guys burst onto the Christian Music scene in 2017 with their debut EP Chapter 1 and have shown no signs of slowing down. The trio is currently on their 4th USA Tour in under 2 years, leaving little time for enjoying their home shores of Australia.

lettinggoWhilst they have been busy touring and writing the trio have racked up some impressive milestones to add to their name. After appearing on the ‘We love Christian Music’ Awards as presenters in 2017, the trio were then nominated this year for Best Dance Album of the Year for their EP Chapter 1. They also picked up their second win for best Australian Song of the Year 2017, in the Annual Rhema Countdown. In addition to their Australian Radio success they also released their first USA Radio song "Be The Light" which debuted on the Billboard Charts in late 2017.

The band first whet our appetites for their fresh new sound and captivating dance beats when they released their second single "Your Love" but now we are getting a taste of their upcoming EP with their first new track of 2018 "Letting Go".

"Letting Go" was birthed out the personal story of the band and the journey that they have been on since leaving their homeland to pursue what they felt God was asking them to do. “There was so much that we had to learn to let go of when God called us here. Things that we didn’t even realise that we were holding on to. We now know that God needed to let go of those things so we could follow Him freely” said Luke.

“In the struggle to let go of our security, jobs, homes, and all the comforts of life back in Australia, anxiety and stress became a very real thing that I had to face. I had never experienced anything like that before. It was then that I had to ask myself ‘Do I believe that God is good all the time?’ And when I could answer that with ‘Yes! I believe that He is good all the time’ it became so much easier let go and trust Him with everything” said Joel.

‘Verses’ mission is to make ‘The Modern Day Memory Verse’ through the medium of electronic/pop music - and this track is no exception. It is based on the verse Prov 3:5-6 “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” After hearing the song you instantly know that it is an anthem of faith. This is the kind of song that people will be able to put on, in the middle of their situations; when it doesn’t make sense, when their is still pain in the journey. They will be able to sing out and declare that they are letting go and trusting God.

"Letting Go" will be available 4/26/18 on all major streaming platforms, Noisetrade and directly from Verses website

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