CCM Community Unites To Support Sidewalk Prophets After Horrific Trailer Fire

CCM artists and listeners alike are joining together to offer support for Dove Award-winning band Sidewalk Prophets after the group experienced a horrific trailer fire while on tour. Luckily all band and crew members evacuated the bus without any major injuries reported, but nearly $100,000 of equipment and belongings were lost in the fire.

In a GoFundMe page set up to help recover the gear, equipment and merchandise that was lost in the fire, the group recalled: "At approximately 5am on I-40W just outside of Okemah, Oklahoma, our bus driver opened the galley door to the bunk area of the bus and ordered us to evacuate the bus because of the fire. Our team scrambled to get out of the bus as smoke began to fill the bus. Thankfully, with some quick thinking and hard work by our driver and some crew we were able to unlodge the bus from the trailer safely before the trailer completely went up in flames. At approximately 530am the local fire crew came and extinguished the trailer fire. We are thanking God that our band family (band/crew) are all accounted for and safe. This is one of the scariest moments in our 16 years as a band."

"Unfortunately, the trailer contained a lifelong collection of priceless musical equipment and many of the pieces that were crucial to our tour. Many of these items are rare and cannot be replaced. We are estimating the value of lost gear/equipment/merchandise at over 95,000 dollars. We are currently working with our insurance company to file a claim but know from past experiences that most of these items will not be covered. We believe that there is a darkness that would desire to slow us down, shut us up, and fill us with fear and we are resolved to continue the work we've been called. We are committed to the cause of Christ and will do everything in our power to continue playing shows, writing songs, sharing unconditional love and hope across the country and world."

At the time of this publication, over $60,000 has been raised to support SWP. Frontman Dave Frey offers words of Thanksgiving for the tremendous outpouring as the band continues on their 2018 Something Different Tour (in 3D) that kicked off in February and is set to run through May.

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