Via Music's Debut Album 'Ellipsis' Available February 9

Ellipsis is something that is meant to give way to more…

EllipsisAs "an unfinished thought or leading statement," the album was entitled to parallel the hope that the team would have the opportunity to continue bringing its unique style and vision as far as Jesus would carry it. Part of Via in Fresno, CA, Via Music embodies the church's desire to reach as many lost people as possible with the love of Jesus.

Ellipsis' beginning came one year ago when the band was brought together with the concept of a thought, a statement that could become something more. Each song on the album represents another way that Jesus revealed himself to the team just as each member's unique background contributes to the diversity of music intended to extend to every kind of person. The hope is that this music embodies the concept of complete and overwhelming acceptance and realization of the desperate need for Jesus.

The project really began to get off the ground with a trip to Bass Lake, California, where the team began digging deeper into the ideas that had been stirring for so long. They decided that the album would be a short "prelude" into the work that the Lord had been calling them to do and consolidated the shared vision of bringing music that would be able to stretch to people not ordinarily thought to be "reachable." It was there that the album was spoken over and the words were declared. It was there that an ellipsis would become a hand outstretched to those that feel unworthy. It would be a conductor of light, able to shine in darker places for someone on the other side to glimpse Him. And it was what would be used to lift up the Name to anyone just willing to listen.

For months afterward, the work continued, gradually forming the exact sound of each moment of every song. The production of the music continued to bring the feel and message of the album more and more into focus. From a tiny room in Fresno to studios in San Jose and Los Angeles, the calling was pursued, and finally, brought to completion.

The band's single, "Renewal," was released on January 26th, 2018 and has already begun fulfilling the vision that was realized only a year ago. The full album, Ellipsis, will be released on February 9th with the hope that the vision will continue to reach beyond and the knowledge that the best is still yet to come…

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