Luke Smallbone's Son, Leo, Undergoes Skull Reconstruction Surgery

For KING & COUNTRY's Luke Smallbone asked for prayers and support earlier this week as his son, Leo, underwent skull reconstruction surgery. It was discovered that the newborn needed the surgery following hospitalization in September 2017. Leo, 2-months-old at the time, was rushed to the hospital this fall after being found "gray and lifeless looking" while taking a nap. Leo was given CPR and started to breathe again. After an exhaustive panel of tests, he was able to be discharged from the hospital after a few days but with the somber note that he would require surgery in the coming months.

Leo was taken to the Operating Room on January 9th. Luke Smallbone shared a deeply personal message in the hours leading up to Leo's surgery. "I so wish he didn’t have to walk through the physical pain, but the fact that he can have healing and restoration is a gift from God. The heartache that I’ve experienced makes me very grateful that God allowed Jesus to die for us because my love is a broken love (yet still I feel so much!) but God’s love, perfect," Luke said. "I wonder how much more God’s heart must have ached! Because of Jesus, my wife and I have this great hope and trust me..we cling to it tightly!" 

The surgery reportedly went "better than expected" and Leo was discharged from the hospital 3 days later, much earlier than originally expected. "Doctors are completely astonished at how fast our sweet Leo recovered," Luke posted. "I even overheard one nurse say, 'We’ve never seen a patient recover so quickly from this surgery.' Of course, these docs might be surprised and wonder how this could happen, but we are certain of the answer: prayer. To each of the thousands of you around the world who have been praying for our son, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you."

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