Another Member Exits Family Force 5 As Founding Brothers Tease New Music

Family Force 5 appears to be in the midst of a major reboot as a third band member has announced his exit from the CCM staple. 

Teddy "Hollywood" Boldt announced his departure on social media last week with a post that read: "Mi amigos! Hope everyone's 2018 has been epic so far! After much prayer and consideration, I've decided to move on from Family Force 5. It's been an incredible 4 years and I am beyond thankful for all the amazing people I've met along the way. I can't wait to see what 2018 and beyond has in store for everyone! To all the ridiculously amazing people I've met on the road: thank you for taking me in for this great season of my life. I would love to stay in touch with every one of you and hopefully see you again soon!"

Boldt's exit follows similar prior announcements from Derek Mount and Nathan Currin, leaving founding brothers Jacob and Joshua Olds at the helm of FF5. All old posts have been deleted from the band's official social media accounts, prompting rumors that the group might be disbanding altogether. But then today came a post promising FF5 will go on with a tease at potential new music coming soon. "FF5 is alive and well. Not only did we start this band together, but we started this life together and this is who we are. This is what we do. 01.19.18 Rev your engines!"

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