CCM Unites To Support Son Of Bethel Music's Joel Taylor As He Battles Life-Threatening Infection

The CCM community is uniting, offering prayers and support to Bethel Music's Joel Taylor and his family as their son, Jaxon, remains hospitalized with hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), a severe complication of an E. coli infection that can lead to bleeding, kidney failure and even brain damage. 

taylors2It all started with an ER presentation on December 21st for what was believed to be dehydration. Jaxon's parents stated concern early on about something more serious possibly underlying as Jax was having lots of bleeding and found to have a very high white blood cell count. As his hospitalization progressed, he was life flighted to a higher level of care at UC Davis on December 22nd.

As the diagnosis of HUS was proposed by doctors, Jax was rushed to the Operating Room on December 24th for placement of a dialysis catheter due to his advancing kidney failure. The surgery was complicated by respiratory issues, requiring temporary placement in the Intensive Care Unit postoperatively. 

On Christmas Day, the Taylor family was praying for a miracle as hospital staff was unable to obtain IV access to run additional testing or give a much needed blood transfusion. A few hours later, the Taylors provided an update that indeed a Christmas miracle had occurred. Their lifeless child with blue lips and a pale appearance started to show signs of life after a successful blood transfusion. Fellow Bethel Music friends the Johnsons and Cunningtons spent time with the Taylors at the hospital, prayed over Jax and offered communion. Jaxon took his first bites of food in over a week on December 26th as he continued to show signs of improvement.

taylors3However, Jaxon had to be taken back to the ICU on December 28th due to a concern about Jaxon's mental status. He had to be given medication in an effort to prevent seizures. The Taylors remained hopeful saying he is meant for so much more. "He’s strong and full of life. He’s happy, joyful, peaceful and beautiful in every way. His name means 'God has shown favor.' This boy has a heroic call and destiny over his life and the enemy knows it. But no weapon formed against him will prosper because he is a child of the living God." 

As the hospital stay continued, the Taylors took time to offer sincere gratitude for their son's medical team. "These guardian angels work around the clock to keep Jax and several other children alive and their one goal is 100% healing. The amount of wisdom, knowledge, patience and peace they carry is reverent. God often works through these lifesavers to perform our miracles."

taylors4Bethel Church in Redding, CA held a prayer vigil for Jaxon on December 30th as he took another turn for the worst, vomiting up blood, having persistent changes in brain activity and visibly being in extreme pain. "When we’ve run out of words and tears, you’ve all been our strength," the Taylors shared.

Sean and Kate Feucht visited Jaxon on New Year's Eve, creating an atmosphere of worship with some praise music. Shortly thereafter, Jax again started to show signs of improvement as his abdominal swelling decreased, blood count rose and some of the invasive medical machines were able to be removed.

Steffany Gretzinger and Amanda Cook came by the next day to sing healing over Jaxon and prophecy full recovery over his body. The Taylors rang in the New Year with continued praise and dedication to God saying, "We look fear in the eye and laugh because it’s just a mere shadow darkness, and darkness has no power over us. We put our full trust in God, our healer, and we step into the love, joy and peace that comes with victory. Victory is Yours God, and we are Your children."

taylors5The Taylors were brought to tears again on January 1st as their 4-year-old girl Addie tested positive for the same strand of E. coli as Jaxon, requiring immediate hospitalization as well. But at last update, both Taylor kids were showing promise. Addie has been seen resting comfortably in bed with Jax, just diagnosed with a stomach bug. And Jax is now painting, playing with Play-Doh and blowing bubbles.

Please continue to offer prayers for Jaxon and Addie. Online you can show your support with #PrayForJax and #HealJax. A GoFundMe page has also been established to help the Taylors with likely medical expenses. At the time of publication, over $175K had been raised in name of the recovery effort. 

[Photos via joeltaylor and janie_taylor]

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