Aussie Trio Verses Takes Over US Radio Waves With "Be The Light"

Verses, the incredible electronic trio hailing from Australia, have been making their mark across the USA this year through their lively, dance party-style shows, upbeat tracks and life filled lyrics. The trio is currently on their 3rd US Tour of 2017 which has seen them perform all over the country at festivals, concerts, churches and conferences.

bethelightAmidst the back to back touring, this week marks a special occasion in the Verses journey. The week they have sent their first single, "Be The Light", to USA Radio. Although the band has seen great success through their live shows and online digital streaming, the group felt that it was the right time and the right track to enter into the world of radio.

Luke, producer for the trio, wrote the track "Be The Light" in New York City. “Whilst being in a city that claims to have it all, I found so many people that were searching for more” says Luke. “We carry the message that there is more, that there is light to be found even in the darkest of times”.

“This song is a way to remind people that we are not called to fit into that darkness, to blend in or just go with the flow. But we have been called to shine, to bring hope to a world that desperately needs it,” said vocalist Joel.

Verses have an unofficial mission to create ‘the modern-day memory verse’. They do this by basing every track that they write on a Bible verse. They then endeavour to put the message of that verses into the song. "Be The Light" is based on Matt 5:13-16. It is all about shining for Jesus and not being ashamed of it. It is a song that is uplifting, life giving and God glorifying.

“We believe the scripture that says God’s word will not return void. We trust that this is true whether it is spoken or sung, so we believe as we send this track out on the radio waves that God’s word will do all that is was sent to accomplish,” said vocalist Jess.

Verses is committed to bringing this generation a new and fresh sound of worship without compromising the truth of the message of hope that is found in Jesus.

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