International Worship Leaders & Broadway Stars Partner For Musical Album

An announcement almost a decade in the making, "ANGELS," an original studio cast recording with music arrangements by veteran worship leaders and performances by a star-studded Broadway cast, will release October 27 from Broadway Records.

Featuring music arrangements by Darlene Zschech's personal music director & former C3 Global Music Director, David Holmes, and international worship artist and educator, Rev. Dr. Daniel Thornton. The album is a faith-filled musical adventure featuring songs from the forthcoming Broadway-style musical, "ANGELS".

"For generations to come, Sera, the angel of light, will become the name on every child's lips, when they place their Christmas angel on top of the tree" said Thornton. "Creating the music was so exciting. It's powerful, funny, deeply moving, and carries the eternal message of hope and love".

"Making the music for the album was an exciting venture," said Holmes. "It was very fulfilling going on a journey with the characters, creating sounds and arrangements that reflect the great themes of the story. The final sound is one of new beginnings, with an underlying message of enduring hope, love and friendship.

Produced by Mark Kang and Marcus Cheong, who also co-wrote the musical with Ken Lai, "ANGELS" is the epic story about the ancient war between the angels and Lucifer's demons. This timeless tale of hope versus despair, angels versus demons, is told through the eyes of Sera, the Angel of Light. Though she is gifted with the power to control light, she aspires to a more heroic role. Facing the opposition of Lucifer and the chaos he has created, Sera must find the courage to rise in victory over him and fulfill her true purpose.

"It is more than just an entertaining album," said Kang. "We believe listeners will feel the presence of God as they follow the angel Sera through this epic journey of good vs. evil and experience the hope that is found in living with faith."

The release of "ANGELS" has been in the making for more than a decade. In 2008, the musical was weeks away from making its debut in Shreveport, Louisiana, when the stock market collapsed, affecting funding. Eventually, the producers had to make the painful decision to put "ANGELS" indefinitely on hold. Ironically, the weekend that "ANGELS" was originally scheduled to open in Shreveport, Hurricane Gustave came ashore, causing major flooding and disaster to the area.

"I believe God's grace was working even in the midst of great loss and devastating storms," said Cheong. "We are so grateful to be given this second chance to share the story and music of 'ANGELS' with everyone. This album gives a message of hope and God's promise that we are never alone and that all things work together for His good. We believe it is something so many people need to hear right now."

The cast of "ANGELS" featured on the studio cast recording includes two-time Tony Award-nominee Laura Osnes as 'Sera,' Tony Award-nominee Robert Cuccioli as 'Lucifer,' Tony Award-nominee Josh Young as 'Tyriel,' Alan H. Green as 'Gabriel,' Alexandra Zorn as 'Rebekah/Vixen,' Stephen Cerf as 'Michael/Moore/Joab,' Kevin T. Collins as 'Stratus/Dasher/Titus/Reuben,' Elizabeth Ann Berg as 'Bethany,' and Stefanie Clouse as 'Sofiel.'Additional vocalists on the album include Jane Leslie Anderson, Hugh Wilson, Nicky Kurta, Tim Moxey, Gabrielle Lee, Mark Friedlander, Hannah J. Peterson, James Tehero, Daniel Thornton and Mikaela Thornton.

The album was recorded at Downtown Music Studios and Smash Studios in New York; The Grove Studios in Somersby, Australia; and Ramrod Studios and 301 Studios in Sydney, Australia.

The band for "ANGELS" includes Mitch Farmer (drums/percussion), Ben Whincop (bass), Jeff Camilleri (bass) and Charmaine Ford (keys). David Holmes served as the music director, with Tauesa Tofa serving as music co-director and Jane Lesley Anderson serving as assistant music director. The assistant director was Breanna Hickson. Orchestral arrangements are by Daniel Thornton, and the original vocal arrangements are by Linda Wood.

Producers will celebrate the release of "ANGELS" with special events in New York on Oct. 25 and in Sydney, Australia, Cheong's hometown, on Nov. at 28.

The album will be released on Friday, October 27, 2017 and will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, and other major music retailers. The album is now available for pre-order at and Amazon.

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