Mandisa: Death, Depression, And My Journey To Joy

Pastor, author, and Bible teacher Dr. David Jeremiah recently sat down for an in-depth conversation with Grammy award winning recording artist, Mandisa. The artist, known for the mega-hit “Overcomer,” talked with Dr. Jeremiah about the emotional story that inspired the song and the unexpected circumstances that followed.

“Mandisa, your vibrant personality is one of the driving forces behind your success in music. But I’ve heard there was a time when you lost your joy. Tell us that story.”

“It was recently, Dr. Jeremiah. One of my closest friends was pregnant with her second child when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I really wanted a song to help her stay in the fight til the final round. I just didn’t know the final round was going to come as soon as it did. As I prayed for her I really believed God was going to heal her, here, on earth. When she went to be with the Lord, it shook my faith in a way that honestly, I didn’t expect and did not think was going to happen. I went into a deep depression for three years. I did nothing but sit in my house, and I turned to my old default, which has always been food. I didn’t go to church; I didn’t open the Bible. I didn’t want to pray because I was angry at God. It was the hardest time of my life.

Now that the Lord has brought me through it, I realized true abundance is the Lord inviting us during difficult circumstances to say, ‘What are you trying to teach me in this situation?’ In Ephesians 6, Paul’s circumstances aren’t good. He is in prison! But instead of asking the church to pray for his release, he requests boldness to proclaim Jesus. If I were in Paul’s situation, my prayer would be that God would release me from these chains! But when you think about it if Paul was not in those chains, we wouldn’t have a lot of the New Testament.”

Mandisa understands that joy doesn’t come from circumstances. Instead it is rooted in a relationship with Jesus Christ and in the knowledge that He is ultimately in control, despite what we see happening around us.

“I’m learning not to ask for a change in circumstances, but instead to pray “Lord, what are you trying to teach me in this circumstance?”

Despite the condition of your health or the well-being of those around you, true joy can be found in Jesus Christ, not our ever-changing circumstances. Happiness is about happenings; joy is about Jesus.

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