CCM Artists To Join Forces For "Together For Texas" Facebook Live Event

Some of the most well-known names in Contemporary Christian Music are joining together to for a great cause. Natalie Grant will be hosting "Together For Texas," a  Facebook Live concert event on Thursday, August 31st.

"I know all of us are devastated at what is happening in Texas," Natalie Grant shared in speaking about the inspiration behind the upcoming event. "If you're anything like me, you just see those images and honestly it's like hard to wrap your head around it. And I know those of us who aren't in the thick of it, we feel helpless yet at the same time, we want to help. So, I called up some of my friends and everyone was kind of feeling the same way."

The night will feature performances and prayer lead by Jeremy Camp, Mark Hall of Casting Crowns, Danny Gokey, Travis Greene, Matt Maher, Mandisa, Jonathan McReynolds, Ryan Stevenson, Matthew West and more.

"What's happening right now in Texas...people helping one another and people loving one another...that's the heart of America. I think so often the news wants us to believe that everything is hopeless, but it isn't...The heart of America is to help and love and serve one another, and more than that, it's the heart of the believer," Grant added. 

Then"Together For Texas" Facebook Live concert event will kick off at 9pm ET/8pm CT and benefit Convoy Of Hope, a faith-based humanitarian organization that is on the ground right now aiding those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

[Lead image courtesy of NASA]

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