John Mark McMillan Announces 'Mercury & Lightning' Tracklisting

Singer/songwriter John Mark McMillan is gearing up for the release of his seventh studio project Mercury & Lightning. McMillan took to social media today to share the album's artwork and official tracklisting. Mercury & Lightning is set to release worldwide on September 1st, but for a limited time only, fans who pre-order the record on will receive an early download of the album on August 4th.

McMillan has offered previews of the new music via the release of "Enemy, Love," "Wilderlove" and "No Country" on PledgeMusic.

mercuryandlightnineMercury & Lightning Tracklisting
01] Mercury & Lightning
02] Wilderlove
03] Gods of American Success
04] Enemy, love.
05] Unhaunted
06] Persephone
07] Death in Reverse
08] e s r e v e r n i h t a e d
09] Raging Moon
10] Body in Motion (feat. Liz Vice)
11] No Country
12] Magic Mirror
13] Fumbling Towards The Light
14] Nothing Stands Between Us

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