We Are Messengers Purchase New Tour Bus After Tragic Accident

We Are Messengers hit the road in their new tour bus this weekend, after their former bus was destroyed in a tragic accident in late March that claimed the life of a young person. Fans quickly came to their support, sharing their prayers for the individual who died in the accident and contributing to the band's financial efforts to fund a new bus. Through tremendous efforts on YouCaring, over $70,000 was raised to purchase the new bus. 

In a statement released after the accident, the band shared: ""The members of We Are Messengers pray for peace for the family of the person who died on the scene. They are also deeply grateful for the support of so many in this time."

On Sunday, the band tweeted out a photo of the new bus with the caption: "Today is a wonderful day. We got our new bus. We have the most incredible supporters, friends and fans in the world. Thank you for believing in us and making this possible."

We Are Messengers will continue to tour in full force this summer, with frequent stops across the country. The latest tour schedule can be viewed here.

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