Mandisa Talks Overcoming Deepest Depression Of Her Life On 'Good Morning America'

In her first television interview in years, Mandisa opened up to Good Morning America's Robin Roberts this morning about her battle with depression. Following the death of her friend Lakisha from breast cancer a few years ago, Mandisa went into deep depression, saying Kisha's death "shook my foundation in a way I didn't expect." Mandisa explained, "I have never been the kind of person to shake my fist and yell at God, I'm the kind of person who shuts down."

In the weeks that followed, Mandisa isolated herself in her home and shut out her friends, even putting in ear plugs at times when friends would be knocking at her door. "It is so easy for me to just shut everyone out and I have realized just how dangerous that is." The Grammy winner admitted that she was considering suicide at times. "I was this close to listening to that voice that told me 'you can be with Jesus right now Mandisa, all you have to do is take your life.' And it almost happened." But, with God on her side, she recalled her triumph over depression, inspiring her new single "Unfinished" which she performed live on GMA.

"Unfinished," the first single from the new record, Out Of The Dark due out May 19, is continuing to resonate at radio already landing in the Top 15 at AC Monitored, AC Indicator and National Christian Airplay and No. 21 at Hot AC.

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