DJ Kirk's Sophomore Album Now Available For Pre-order

DJ Kirk's sophomore on DRÖM is a Dance masterpiece full of sounds similar to Martin Garrix, Zedd or Steve Aoki . Produced by David Thulin (Jonathan Thulin, OBB, Joel Vaughn), DJ Kirk combines pop with dance music. With a release date on April 28th, fans can now pre-order on Amazon and Google Play and iTunes and Apple Music consumers will receive his single, "Can't Wait To Meet You (feat. KAYLI)".

In addition to the announcement of his pre-order, DJ Kirk is asking his fans to help spread the word.

I wanted to give fans a chance to support me without dollars... I believe this EP has a message for our youth today; it is my hope that God will take this EP and do more than I could ever ask or imagine with this EP... If you believe in my WHY, I simply want to ask you to repost this and join the fight in standing for our youth today!

In order for this post to be sent out, I need the full amount of subscribers to sign up and repost... It's completely free, but it will take just a few minutes out of your day... If you are here to testify as God's goodness and grace to allowing me to keep doing his will in all this, I'd ask for a simple follow, support, and repost to change our generation today!

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