Francesca Battistelli Expecting Fourth Child

Less than one year after giving birth, GRAMMY-winning CCM artist Francesca Battistelli has announced she is pregnant with her fourth child.

Battistelli broke her news with an Instagram post as she shared a photo of ginger candy, which she was eating to help with morning sickness during rehearsals for the 9th Annual Rock & Worship Roadshow.

"Why am I downing ginger candy at The Roadshow rehearsal, you ask? Well...👶🏼 #4 is on the way," she posted. "We are so excited! Crazy enough, I was pregnant with our son Eli 7 years ago, the last time I played this tour, but I managed to keep it under wraps until the tour was over. Who's gonna pray with me that this morning (all day) sickness goes away?"

This child will join the Battistelli family, which includes husband and proud dad Mark, sister Audrey and brothers Eli and Isaac. Congratulations!

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