Christian Aussie Trio Verses Launches EP During International Tour

Amid their jam-packed tour schedule, Australian band Verses have today thrilled fans by releasing their anticipated EP ‘Chapter 1’, featuring their well-known tracks "All Things" and "Your Love" and introducing three new tracks.

The band from Newcastle have been touring the United States as part of Kingdom Conference, performing in Portland, Vancouver and Bend then stopping in Nashville to present an award at the We Love Christian Music Awards. Despite these full days, Verses’ focus remains on releasing songs that share gospel truth through music to encourage and inspire Christians.

Band members Luke, Jess and Joel are particularly excited about this EP, ensuring their Australian and international fans alike can hear some of their newest tracks: "Freedom," "Holy" and "Be The Light." 

“Our purpose has always been to have scripture in people’s worlds. To make it accessible in their everyday. So the more tracks we have out there, the more opportunity there is for His word to go out and bring life and truth to people,” Jess said.

“The EP is the collection of songs that birthed Verses. When we started writing these tracks we did so with intention of just giving it to our youth group and then being done with it. But God has shown that there is such a need for scripture to be in people’s lives that doors keeping opening for us, which has led us to writing more songs, and God keeps making a way for us to share this with more people and so we keep saying ‘yes’."

“The Tour has been such a great time already for us. We have seen hundreds of salvations over the last couple of weeks and we have been able to share our music with so many people that we never would have had the opportunity to do so.”

Working again with some of the world’s best mixers and producers, listeners can expect the fresh, modern sounds they have come to know and love from this EP.

Verses are committed to working to make these songs freely available online on Soundcloud and Noisetrade.

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