Satellites & Sirens Begin Pre-Order For New Album 'TANKS'

DREAM Records is proud to announce the iTunes pre-order for Satellites & Sirens new album, TANKS. The pre-order includes an immediate download of their radio single, "TANKS". The upcoming record features 12 new songs and features the debut album produced by singer, Geoff Hunker. The new single, which states 'Love Is The New Fight' in the song, is the central theme of the album.

"We live in a world that recently feels so filled with hate. I know it has always been there but it seems like racism, war, bullying, and just a lack of care for others has become the focus of so many news stories and Facebook posts that it's in front of us more than ever. 'TANKS' came from the idea that we as Christians are called to love even in the midst of all that this world could throw at us and if we chose to combat these things with love and make our heart beat louder than the cry for war then maybe we can make some changes.” - Geoff Hunker

TANKS is the follow up to their debut on DREAM One Noise, which saw it's single, "Jump Start My Heart" hit #5 on the Billboard Hot AC / CHR chart. 

TANKS Track listing:
Hey! (This Is The Life)
Who We Are
Chasing Photos
Old Souls (Featuring Ronnie Petkovich)
Enough (Featuring Joel Vaughn)
Living The Dream
Don't Say A Thing
Waste Some Time

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