For KING & COUNTRY "Priceless" Movie Set For October 14 Release

"Priceless: She's Worth Fighting For," an upcoming motion picture featuring CCM mainstay for KING & COUNTRY has a release date! Director Ben Smallbone and Producer Steve Barnett were on hand at the K-LOVE Fan Awards kick-off concert to share the exciting news. The "Priceless" movie is set for release to select theaters on October 14th, 2016.

In addition to sharing release information, Ben talked with the audience about how the "Priceless" movie concept came about. "About 20 years ago, my father bought Joel, Luke and I a video camera from Circuit City, for $5,000. It was a really nice video camera. But the purpose was to film my sister's concerts at the time. Long story short, we didn't use it for filming concerts, we used it for making Indiana Jones films in the back yard. We did that on and off for many years, and then my brothers moved on to music and I continued in the film world. I did commercials for many years, music videos for my brothers and some other Christian artists, as well as country [artists], and documentaries. But my passion has always been for movies, and specifically to do a movie with my brothers. That was always a dream of ours. So, fast forward to just 3 years ago. My brothers were traveling around the country talking about this concept of a woman's worth and her being priceless and we said, 'what if we write a story that kind of dramatizes that thought and makes it into a movie?'"

Ben continued, "There is nothing like the power of music and movies, especially when you combine both. It skips the mind and goes right to the heart. And that is our heart, to truly impact this generation through the power of music and movies." 

Being distributed by Radiate Films, "Priceless" is a story of James Stevenson (Joel Smallbone), a man of extremes, who gets thrown into the dark world of human trafficking. Can the love, strength, and faith of a woman redefine his past and change the course of his future? This unlikely hero must risk it all to shut down the trafficking ring and save the girl he's falling in love with.

"Priceless" will star Joel Smallbone (for KING & COUNTRY), Bianca Santos ("The Duff"), Jim Parrack ("True Blood"), and David Koechner ("Anchorman"). Ben Smallbone is directing. The script was written by Chris Dowling & Tyler Poelle and the film is being produced by Steve Barnett, Dave Smallbone, Luke Smallbone, Jim Burleson.

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