Jon & Valerie Guerra Cover "Hold Me Jesus"

Check out this beautiful cover of "Hold Me Jesus" written by Rich Mullins, courtesy of Vertical Church Band's Jon and Valerie Guerra. The video was recorded live at the couple's apartment in Chicago. 

Jon shares, "I never met Rich Mullins in person. He died on the day of my twelfth birthday, the year I got my first guitar. My parents took me out to eat that evening and I'm certain we talked about his death because we always listened to Christian radio in the car and they would have certainly been talking about it. I didn't 'discover' him until years later. I didn't know you were allowed to write songs about faith that weren't cheap, derivative and sterilized versions of main stream songs, but he did. I heard (and still hear) an emotional truth that was transgressive to the brand of christianity whose songs are cheap, derivative and sterile. His voice was imperfect, his language was non-religious and there was a yearning that no matter how polished the recordings were, could not be suppressed. The songs were records of spiritual conflict and unsettledness that spoke more often of need than of resolve. But the need had a direction and an object. As a singer/songwriter I hope to do with my need what he did, at least in a few songs, with his."

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