Sherwood To Release "Some Things Never Leave You" June 17

After several years of solo and side projects, Sherwood is back with their highly anticipated new full length album Some Things Never Leave You June 17 on BC Music.

Motivated by the D-I-Y work ethic and natural entrepreneurial tenacity, Sherwood released their Summer EP in 2006 as a free download on, and it was downloaded over 30,000 times. Known also for their clever video promotional work (see The Sherwood Show, originally played millions of times on MySpace), Sherwood always finds a way to capture the hearts and minds of their fans.

With Sing, But Keep Going (2005) and A Different Light (#11 Heatseekers, #91 Billboard Top 200 in 2007) Sherwood had established themselves as a pop-rock outfit loved by music fans, radio and underground alike.

Sherwood released their last album, the critically acclaimed QU, on MySpace Records in 2009, the now-defunct label founded by the social media giant.

With an army of crowd-funders, Sherwood is poised to make waves. This highly anticipated follow up to QU quickly raised over $42,900 from fans in 2015, proving high demand for new material.

Track Listing
1.) Outside/In
2.) Closer To You
3.) Little Bit Better
4.) New Year's Eve
5.) Back Home
6.) Bottle It Up
7.) Together Alone
8.) Believe
9.) The First
10.) Old Ways
11.) The Unknown

For more information, including summer tour dates, please visit

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