Austin & Lindsey Adamec Cover "King Of My Heart"

New Radiate Music husband / wife duo Austin & Lindsey Adamec have teamed up to release a beautiful cover of John Mark & Sarah McMillan's "King Of My Heart." The duo shared, "A lot of songs talk about God's presence but we love the ones that actually take you there...Thanks to John Mark McMillan and his wife Sarah for penning such an amazing song."

If you like what you hear, you can download the Adamec's self-titled debut EP on iTunesAll the songs featured on Austin & Lindsey Adamec are worship anthems telling the story of personal and spiritual victory, celebrating the presence of God. Our own Madeleine Dittmer declares in her review of the EP: "Austin and Lindsey Adamec’s EP captures the heart of worship in just five songs. The love, admiration, and awe expressed in each song is undeniable. These songs with their powerful lyrics and beautiful melodies certainly deserve a place among other worship favorites, and are a must listen for CCM fans."

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