Vineyard Worship “All The Earth Shall Worship” March 11 Release

The Vineyard Global Family Conference was held last July (on the 6th) where over 60 countries were represented by 40,000 individuals in Columbus, Ohio. Those who were in attendance worshiped passionately in many languages, prayed for one another, and served one another.

alltheearthFor the first time ever, this live recording is being released worldwide on March 11th, and is available for pre-order now at iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

Track Listing:

  1. Ee Baba (Pokea Sifa) / Hakunua Munga Kama feat. Edgar King
  2. High King of Heaven feat. Hannah DeSpain
  3. One Thing Remains (Tu Amor Permanece Fiel) feat. David Berguno
  4. Exalt The Lord feat. Anabeth Morgan & Fabiano Alves Campos
  5. The Other Side feat. David Ruis & Noel Isaacs All The Earth Shall Worship / Kindness feat. Casey Corum
  6. He Is Yahweh feat. Torri Baker
  7. Gloria A Dios Solo / The Lord Is Gracious and Compassionate feat. Mike O’Brien & Sudeep Andrews
  8. As Children feat. Noelle Shearer
  9. Quiero feat. Javier Menendez
  10. Show Your Power / His Banner Over Me feat. David Ruis, Casey Corum & Torri Baker

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